How to add a reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA is the must for any website to make it safe from spams and malicious hacks. It is also the most common mistake beginner bloggers does, to not add the captcha to there websites.

Basically, captcha is two type. One is a WordPress plugin, Really Simple CAPTCHA, and other is a reCAPTCHA Google’s service and has many advantages over Really Simple CAPTCHA.

You need to install and configure the contact form 7 plugin.

Now to add reCAPTCHA on your contact form, you need to login to your Google account and to register your site for an API key pair.

Select reCAPTCHA V2 to add “I’m not a robot” checkbox and register.

Now go to Google’s reCAPTCHA admin page, register your site. Give a label and Domain of your website.  After registering your website you will get a site key and secret key.

After submitting it will provide you with a site and secret key.

To add these keys go to Dashboard >> contact form >> Intigration >> add site and secret key.

You don’t need to add any <script> or <div> tag just go to your

Dashboard >> Contact Form >> Edit contact form >>Form

Now select the area where you want to show your reCAPTCHA, ideally it should be just before the Submit button. So the viewer should click on the reCAPTCHA before submitting the form.

Now go to the Form-tag-generator: reCAPTCHA tag. Click on insert tag, where you want to show it in form.

Now go to your contact form or page where you have setup your contact form. Now you can see an option “I’m not a robot” before submit button. 

Rapping up

This all in this article to make your website safe from spams and form abuse. If you think I have missed a point or two or have any suggestion for us please contact us or leave a comment.

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